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Whenever I Call You 'Friend'
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Good Time Baby [1961]
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All ThroughThe Years
Phil Hendriks
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Behind The Mic

It sounds like a delightful combination when John K and Debbie Macdonald join forces on the Radiodowntown, their shared enthusiasm becomes infectious. Their dynamic chemistry and genuine enjoyment shine through, creating a lively and entertaining experience for their audience. With Debbie's gentle nature and John's charming wit, their banter and off-the-cuff remarks add an extra layer of spontaneity and humour to the show. Together they bring a unique blend of fun and entertainment, making each episode enjoyable for all.

If you're a cat lover, you need to subscribe to "KARMA" the Kat. It's a delightful minute every week, created by a dear friend of

About KARMA the Kat

The idea for this comic series started years ago as part of a drawing spate. Stoneheart, the artist, has been a lifelong trained fine artist. KARMA the Kat appeared as a fanciful creature....  just appeared, like all great art does. Inspired. And became several sketches over the years.

The decision to turn KARMA the Kat into a comic was a collaborative one with a professional art director, Stoneheart was persuaded to explore some comic themes.

All the panels are digitally hand drawn - every little bit of them! This is critical as it is, first and foremost, ART! We have over one hundred in the catalogue and are presently working on reels, short videos, and books.

There are hundreds of online apps for making comics similarly there are thousands of stock photo libraries, clip art and musical loops for example. Creativity and originality are the most important driving factors in KARMA the Kat! Well, and making you chuckle of course!

D Stoneheart

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